How Trek Bicycle Accelerates Design Cycles with Objet 3D Printer!

Competitive Advantage through On-Premise Rapid Prototyping:

You'll hear from Mike Zeigle, Manager of Trek's Prototype Development Group, on how Objet's 3D printer has allowed Trek to produce four times as many prototypes as before, leading to better designs and dramatically reducing their time to market.

You'll learn how you can:

♦ Cut prototyping costs, allowing for multiple iterations and a superior product.

♦ Accelerate design cycles, bringing better products to market faster.

♦ Improve your competitive advantage.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is appropriate for executive, business & technical managers, chief engineers, design and mechanical engineers, prototyping and analysts, designers, CAD managers, engineering managers, product managers, project managers, R&D directors and others involved in these disciplines responsible for productivity, innovation and performance. This customer case will be especially pertinent to those in Industrial Machinery, Consumer Electronics/Goods, Medical and Dental, Defense/Government, and Education.

Hosted By:

Desktop Engineering
Objet Geometries and Trek Bicycle

To watch this complimentary on-demand webinar, "How Trek Bicycle Accelerates Design Cycles with Objet 3D Printer!", click here. 

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