Lori Dearman, MA

Lori DearmanLori, a veteran of the virtual communication space, created her first online classroom in 2000 while working with international business professionals at University of California, Santa Barbara. Later, at Citrix Online, the makers of GoToMeeting®, GoToWebinar®, and now GoToTraining™, Lori headed up a team of 7 trainers and heavily relied upon virtual communication. Logging close to 500 web events herself, she directed the online training efforts at Citrix Online for 6 years, training well over 50,000 customers and employees.
As the founder of Virtual Junction, Lori's specialties include web-event management and coaching, online training design and delivery, and improving the effectiveness of virtual teams. Lori brings to the table 15+ years in the training industry and a wealth of experience from her time at POSCO, Samsung, University of California and Citrix Systems.
Lori’s passion, and the mission of Virtual Junction, lies in eradicating technology-plagued, boring and ineffective online communications one event at a time.
Virtual Junction is where virtual problems meet real solutions!

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