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It is a common misconception that web events, including web seminars or Webinars, online meetings and online training, are expensive to start up, boring for attendees and ineffective in relaying information, but these notions are simply not true!

In fact, if done right, web events are a very effective way for organizations of all sizes to accelerate business and significantly reduce the costs associated with travel, physical meetings, training space and time lost on the road.

Virtual Junction brings to the table over 10 years of experience developing and delivering webinars, online meetings and online trainings. If you are new to the world of virtual communication or just want to bring your game up a notch, we can help. Visit the services area of our website for details on what we offer.

At Virtual Junction we are committed to making sure that your next web event is a Winning Web Event.

"The hunter that chases two rabbits catches neither"


I first heard these wise words while working at Samsung in South Korea and I find myself repeating them quite often these days. It is not only difficult but oftentimes risky to chase two rabbits at the same time. Ok… perhaps I should stop speaking in proverb and let you in on the specifics of what I am referring to.

As I work with more and more clients who are dabbling in the area of Virtual Instructor-Led training (vILT), I can see that the tendency is to start with a hybrid approach. By hybrid I mean that they continue to run their instructor-led classroom version and then plug in the virtual piece to expand enrollments and reduce the need for an additional instructor. From the fiscal perspective, I certainly understand where they are coming from. We are all looking very closely at the bottom line these days. From the pedagogical approach however, this practice puts their brand at risk, which if unchecked, can have an even bigger negative impact on the bottom line and one that is much more costly to reverse.

Is your organization heading down this path in favor of a better bottom line? Here are a few points that might help tip the scales in the opposite direction: 

    1. Instructors who are great in the classroom are not necessarily great in the virtual environment. First they have to want to make the jump and second they have to adapt their approach and methodologies to specifically target a virtual audience.
    2. Hybrid classes divide the focus of the instructor beyond what most humans can handle. In the traditional classroom, you have different levels of mastery and different types of learners to contend with. Once you add in the virtual learners simultaneously, you now have an additional dimension to deal with. With virtual learners, interactions must be deliberate and very carefully orchestrated, physical humor and gestures are often lost, and building a sense of camaraderie among participants is that much more challenging. Image trying to balance all of this while actually trying to teach something. And if the technology acts up… forget about it!


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